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Flight Training - Flying Overview

Your flying budget is based upon how often you want to fly, and how long you plan to take to obtain your license. If you fly approximately four times per month, you will spend about $1,225.00 each month and could expect to complete the course in about six to seven months. Training is more efficient if you fly two or three times per week, and therefore you may want to allow more money per month and plan on a shorter overall period of time for your training. The first month will be the most expensive, as you will have additional costs such as books, medical exam, and a flight computer.

Cost of Flying

The FAA Requires a minimum of forty hours of flight time when applying for a Private Pilot Certificate. This amount of aircraft rental time will cost you $4,840.00. Of this total flight time a minimum of twenty hours must be dual flight instruction with an FAA Licensed Flight Instructor at your side. The Instructor fee is $70.00 per hour, and therefore your dual instruction will add about $1400.00. You can expect another $900.00 for miscellaneous expenses (books, supplies, medical examination, and flight examination), for a total of approximately $7,140.00. This is the minimum cost under the Federal Regulations. As with learning any skill, people take different lengths of time to learn to fly an airplane. The national average flight time required to obtain the Private Pilot Certificate is around sixty-seven hours. The average flight time, over twenty years at Ukiah Aviation, has been about fifty-five hours. This would cost around $8,500.00 for your Private Pilot Certificate. Your Flight Instructor will be able to give you a fairly accurate estimate of the time that is likely to be required in your specific case after a few sessions in the air and a review of your proposed flight schedule.


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