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Flight Training - Meet Local Pilots

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are among the Flying Alumni of  Prescription Hyzaar Ukiah Aviation:
Andrew Brett Cindy Bryan
Ben Dirk Gary Frank
Zack William Sandy & Sharon Art
Chris Clay Adam Heather
Jerry Jesse Julie Marc
Sherman Bud Randy Brad
Ray Aaron & Toni Alan Andy
Becky Ben Carl Bob
Charles Chris Connie Dale
Daniel Dave Debra Denise
Donnie EJ Eric Gary
Greg Gordon Jack Jackie
Jared Jason Jeremy Jim
Joe Jim John Justin
Larry Laura Matthew Maggie
Mike Matt Nathaniel Paul
Randy Raquel Jeanna Scott
Randy Robert Rodger Ryan
Ryan Banning Sandy Scott & Son
Solomon Steve Tim Trevor
Waylon Leo Jed Tim
Jeremy Tim Smith Jones
Tony Gayle Rene Bob
Sandy Harry Mike Smith
Chris & Tim Sierra Park Mark
Devin John Greg Rich
Warren Eric Justin Kristi
Chris Dan Rick Tom


Linda Micah
Claude Matt Jerry Thomas
Shawna Elina Natalie Michelle
Chris Matt Jen Chris
Daniel Gareth Mike Sam

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Flying Is...

"Flying has torn apart the relationship of space and time: it uses our old clock but with new yardsticks". >Charles A. Lindbergh