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Flight Training - Training Curriculum

Private Pilot Ground School


MAY 17 - AUGUST 2, 2017 (12 Weeks)

taught by John Eisenzopf, CFI

Successful completion will include a CFI endorsement for the FAA Private Pilot written examination. It will cover the topics in the oral portion of the checkride. Plenty of time will be available for one-on-one instruction to ensure that every student understands the material. The course will be taught at the Ukiah Aviation office at Ukiah Airport (KUKI).
Cost is $240.00 including books and materials. Optional supplies and materials will be available to students at a discount.

Register or ask questions by calling or emailing

Ukiah Aviation Ground School

Office: 707-463-2655; John: 707-293-7755; Daryl: 707-391-5556


Flying Is...

"You can always tell when a man has lost his soul to flying. The poor bastard is hopelessly committed to stopping whatever he is doing long enough to look up and make sure the aircraft purring overhead continues on course and does not suddenly fall out of the sky. It is also his bound duty to watch every aircraft within view take off and land". >Ernest K Gann, 'Fate is the Hunter'