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| Up to 20% Off🔥 |. We have special offers for you. ☀☀☀ click ☀☀☀,coupons 75% off. Buy Now » pIMG_1233 (7).JPGThe FAA approved BATD allows students to log 2.5 hrs of simulation time toward their private pilot certificates; 10 hrs of simulation time toward the instrument rating, NOW the PATD may be used to perform the approaches, holding procedures, and intercepting/tracking required under section 61.57(c)(1) for recent instrument experience (INSTRUMENT CURRENCY)! ELITE Basic ATDs give pilots a mental edge by providing a safe training environment that is conducive to learning, practicing, and understanding instrument procedures. Unfortunately, an actual aircraft cockpit usually does not provide such an environment and indeed can be quite overwhelming for newer instrument students. Often, these students in the early phases of their training never really develop the proper instrument thinking skills to gain and maintain proficiency. Although able to replicate what they have been taught, many students don't feel the confidence or accomplishment that can only come from true understanding. The ELITE Basic ATD platform is a powerful training tool that helps students practice their instrument thinking skills, i.e. visualizing procedures, situational awareness, scan technique, etc., before getting in the aircraft. Equipped with the training experience from the ELITE Basic ATD, students then take to the air better prepared to perform what they have learned.

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"You haven't seen a tree until you've seen its shadow from the sky." >Amelia Earhart